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Bridgeport, CT



Shibori is an ancient Japanese fabric dyeing technique that dates back to the eighth century. Shibori utilizes natural, eco-friendly indigo dye to achieve beautiful shades of blue, including denim, teal, turquoise, and navy. The fabric is bound before it is dyed, and each piece unveils its own character when revealed. This meditative process lends itself to making these stunning, one-of-a-kind collectable pieces. Alyssa works with this traditional art form to create contemporary garments and housewares. 


Arashi Silk Shawls

Wear a completely unique piece of art! These silk shawls are is dipped many times in indigo to create organic textures and unique patterns. Arashi is the Japanese word for “storm” and these scarves represents the watery look of rainfall. Semi-sheer habotai silk is beautiful for everyday use with jeans and a t-shirt. They can also be dressed up for a special occasion. Raw edges allow for a natural, organic, and flowy look.


Aromatherapy Pillows

Indulge in a calming self-care treatment. These Lavender Body Pillows are perfect for meditation, yoga, and deep relaxation. Available in 2 sizes - eye pillow and therapy body pillow. Organic Lavender soothes the mind and body, while the gentle pressure of a weighted pillow calms the nervous system. Can be used for hot & cold therapy to ease tension.


Tote Bags

Easy and light cotton tote with a handmade tie dye design that comes with its own attached pocket. The pocket lays inside and works great for keys and phones. The tote can be stuffed into the little pocket for storage; a neat little 4.5" x 4.5" square. Convenient for eco-friendly grocery shopping or anytime you may need a bag.