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Bridgeport, CT

Crystal Benefits + Meanings

Each is crystal carefully selected for its particular energetic vibration and healing ability

We cleanse the crystals and charge them by the light of the moon

Our crystals are infused with healing Reiki energy, to amplify their purest healing powers

Our crystals come with a healing benefits information card when you order

The crystals we sell are not dyed or radiated, close to their raw and original form

Scientific evidence points to the fact that everything in the world has an energetic frequency. Albert Einstein even noted that "Everything in life is vibration."  This includes our thoughts and perceptions about the world. Einstein said, "Everything that manifests in your life is there because it matches the vibration of your thoughts." Crystals are no exception to this phenomenon. They are amazing gifts born from the earth. They were formed millions and sometimes billions of years ago as trapped molecules under high pressure, caused by conditions such as volcanic activity and climate change. During this time, these molecules transformed into unique crystalline structures. All crystals that exist today were created during these ancient times. When unearthed, every crystal projects subtle, invisible vibrations that interact with your own energy fingerprint.

What if we could use crystals as tools to help us grow and change? Gems have been revered by every culture for millennia in folklore and mythology for their beauty, value, and mysterious nature. The ancient Greeks used Amethyst to help promote sobriety and Citrine to help bring about abundance and wealth. Within the vast mineral kingdom, each crystalline structure has a signature effect that has been appreciated for hundreds of generations. 

Fast forward to modern day, where gems are more accessible than ever.  With new scientific awareness and understanding we can continue to explore the value of these crystals as we search for a more meaningful and connected life. Quartz, which makes up 12% of our earth's crust, is highly valued for its piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties. It can transform mechanical pressure or heat into electromagnetic energy. Quartz’s ability to focus, amplify, store and transform energy is used throughout the technology world, in many devices from watches to microchips. The same properties of energy amplification, programmability, and memory also make Clear Quartz a versatile stone for directing and transmuting your own energy for any desired purpose.

Beyond the science and technology, crystals encompass the entire spectrum of colors, textures, and luminosity. They invite you to stop and appreciate the beauty of this world. They are visual reminders to take a deep breath, and stay present, while at the same time inviting you to set an intention and goals for personal growth. Ultimately, crystals are wildly enchanting and vibrant and are a wonderful way to bring more magic in our ordinary lives.

Properties of some of the crystals that we sell:


Amethyst nurtures emotions, helping to dispel anxiety, fear, doubt, and anger. It is associated with the Third Eye Chakra, allowing us to see the “bigger picture” and helping to solve problems for smoother transitions. It can also help open the crown chakra for a deeper psychic connection with your spirit guides.


Fluorite is a very spiritual stone that balances the emotions and the psyche. It is an excellent aura cleanser, and helps one to stay balanced and stable in the present moment. Violet fluorite in particular opens heart chakra. Clear fluorite amplifies the healing power of other crystals and aligns the chakras. Green fluorite is grounding and clears energy.


Kyanite is a high-frequency stone that is excellent for calming meditation, and attuning to our own intuition. It is one of the only minerals on the planet that neither accumulates nor retains negative energy, and therefore rarely needs cleansing. Wear it as a talisman to help with universal healing and connection to source.

Black Tourmaline is the most powerful stone for protection against radiation, electro-magnetic energy, cell phones, and self-doubt. It deflects all negativity, protects and grounds its wearer. Wear in your pocket when working around machines or in social situations for extra protection. Place strategically  to deflect negativity. Especially good at creating a protective field around the body.


Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal for unconditional love. A fine healing stone to mend emotional wounds, and allowing the heart to open for deep inner healing and self-love. A very calming stone for recovering from emotional traumas. Powerful stone for attracting a new love, or promoting peace, harmony, and trust in current relationships. A great stone for children. 


Celestite is a high vibration stone that encourages dream recall and spiritual development. It promotes purity of the heart and heals the aura. 


Crystal Quartz contains the highest healing energy of all crystals and will help to amplify intention. Attracts powerful, positive energy for transformation. Helps improve focus and clarity, expanding consciousness from the Crown Chakra and increasing psychic ability. Master healer.


Amazonite is a soothing stone that balances male and female energies and filters negative thoughts. It assists with trauma recovery, and protection against EMF’s, radiation, and cell phones.


Selenite is a master healing stone that opens up the crown chakra and enhances psychic perception. It is traditionally used by healers and intuitive people to open up communication with the higher realms. It has an ancient energy at a very high vibration and works to heal the energetic body and the spine on a cellular level. It promotes peace and well-being.


Citrine is the stone of abundance for cultivating good health, wealth, and happiness. It balances the 3rd Chakra, stationed at the solar plexus, which is the seat of power and strength. It brings forth the power of the warming sun, invoking creativity, drive, and passion. Citrine is a great stone for artists, healers, and those looking for more self-esteem and confidence.


Pyrite stone provides clearing and shielding of negative energy. Promotes vitality, confidence, positive thinking, willpower, and manifestation. A strong stone with yang (male) energy. Also called fool’s gold. 


Moonstone is a stone that represents receptivity, goddess energy, and the divine feminine. It helps balance the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and breast feeding. Moonstone governs intuition, physic perception, and opening the crown chakra. 

The properties assigned to the crystals/minerals and herbs/resins in this shop are metaphysical in nature and is not intended to
cure medical ailments. They are not meant to take the place of standard medical or psychological treatment.